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Jay Nash 9/21/23 Standing Sun Live

Jay Nash 9/21/23 Standing Sun Live
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Jay Nash @ Standing Sun Live on 9/21/23 featuring Hideaway Wines

92 Second Street Suite D Buellton CA 93427

7-10PM/ $35.00 Seated Ticket

Children Welcome

Food Truck

It’s a bit of a paradox.  I still feel like an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, with my most exciting days just in front of me.  It's funny because I have been writing songs and singing for my supper for almost 25 years...crazy how time flies when you are having fun.  Still, I am as excited as ever for the next song, the next record, and the next gig.” - JN


Over the span of his self-described, ‘under the radar' career, Jay Nash's rough-hewn voice, poignant melodies, and unique yet subtly virtuosic approach to the guitar have taken him across the United States and Europe more times than he can count.  He has released seven full-length solo albums, and four solo EPs along with another ten albums with his collaborative efforts with TFDI, The Contenders, Garrison Starr, and Caitlin Crosby..racking up 10s of millions of streams and selling over 70,000 records.  In his time off the road, where he’s racked up thousands of live performances, Nash has created the original motion picture score for three feature films, a Dutch television series, and dozens of nationally run commercial spots.

Variety is indeed the spice of life. Still, everything comes back to the man and his guitar.

“Writing and singing songs is my connection to the rest of the world.  When I am inside a song, everything makes sense, and loneliness do not exist.  The great joy of my life has been witnessing people make my music a part of their lives and seeing it help them make sense of this world.  I can honestly say that nearly every opportunity that I have ever had and nearly every positive and beautiful memory of my life somehow stemmed from me standing on a stage with my guitar and singing for folks”, says Nash.

“When I was a kid, music pulled me out of my first adolescent existential crisis.  For me, it was Jerry Garcia’s guitar, Bob Dylan’s words, and Cat Steven's voice that made me feel suddenly connected to everything that has ever been and everything that ever will be.”

“My aim now is to do the same.  I still believe that we can make this world a better place with one story and one song at a time.”

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