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LAST CALL is our 100% Cab Franc.  It is aged 18 months in neutral oak, and boasts notes of green pepper on the nose, followed by ripe plum & cinnamon on the palette.  The bright acidity is balanced by medium tannins.

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We harvested this wine in October of 2021, these Marsanne & Viognier grapes were foot-stomped and partial whole cluster co-fermented for 15 days on the skins, and co-aged 8 months in stainless steel. This is how we make an 'orange wine,' ferment some white grapes on their skins just like we do when making red wine.  This technique imparts an orange color on the wine!  We cant wait to share this beauty with all of you!!!

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Orders begin shipping and available for pick-up the week of the 25th!

This is our newest white wine blend!  We call it Betty White Wine!  It's a blend of 65 percent Sauvignon Blanc & 35 percent Viognier all stainless steel aged!!! The first time ever we have partnered with an artist to create this one of a kind piece!!  LA artist Corie Mattie created this amazing rendition of Betty White, and our amazing graphic designer Harlo, brought it to life on this limited production bottle!  Once it's gone it's gone!!!  

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SKU: 2021 Betty White Wine

This light bodied red bursts with bright fruit flavors of raspberry and cherry, with hints of earth and stone on the nose. Subtle notes of cedar and fir ground this wine in a complex balance of aroma and flavor, worth writing home about. 
Dedicated to the love of a soldier and his bride... With Love, Johnny !!

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Toasted notes of coconut and vanilla, with a side of orange peel and a little leather. Masculine presence and feminine body, this bright red walks a delicate line… crisp and cool by day, brooding and warm at night. Chill AF Red will take you to the party… and most importantly, tuck you in at night.

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ONLY 25 CASES.  PRESALE! WILL SHIP 11/8/22!  25 DOLLARS PER BOTTLE, OR 250 FOR A CASE. LIMITED AVAILABILITY, WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY.  NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS GIVEN.Pale salmon in color, shimmering in glass... Flocking Fabulous rosé of Syrah is soft on the palate, with a wonderfully long finish of citrus and white peach. This Provence Style rosé is alive with aromas of hibiscus and tea leaves, like a summer garden party under a dancing firefly sky.


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Our leanest Rosé to date, this pale pink Grenache Rosé embodies the Provence style with crisp acidity and aromas of strawberry, fresh cut watermelon, rose petals and orange blossoms. The pale color and long finish pair best with a pool, while the salty minerality on the palate brings you back to memories of summer at the shore.

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SKU: 2019 Flocking Fabulous Rosé of Grenache CASE

HEADED SOUTH OF STRESS is ourwhite Rhône blend is soft & subtle, with notes of vanilla & honeydew melon. The crisp acidity is short on the palette, opening up to a more full bodied, easy drinking white, with hints of orange blossom & caramel.

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SKU: Headed South of Stress Case

Bonus Summer Wine 6 Pack!!!  $160 plus tax and shipping!!!!!

Normally $217, but super discounted so ya'll can stock up for this hot hot summer we are having!!!!

Includes these 6 bottles of wine:

1 bottle of 2020 CHILL AF WHITE BLEND

1 bottle of 2020 CHILL AF ROSE

1 bottle of 2021 Betty White Wine

1 bottle of 2021 Choose to Cruise....Orange Wine

1 bottle of 2020 Flocking Fabulous Sauvignon Blanc

& 1 bottle of 2020 Flocking Fabulous Rosé of Syrah!

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/ 6 Pack
SKU: Bonus Summer Wine Pack

This 100% Mourvèdre comes from Kaerskov vineyard.  Elegantly soft, sophisticated in nature… striking ruby red color, with bright notes of floral rose petals and fresh bay leaves. Anise seed, cinnamon and cracked black pepper on the nose, transition nicely to black cherry and vanilla as the wine opens over time. On the palate, juicy acidity and plush mouthfeel lend to a long sultry finish… deserved of this Golden Girl… Daisy!

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SKU: 2019 Daisy Mourvèdre

Soft and subtle, this refreshing white is best paired with sunny days and starry nights. Notes of honeysuckle and toasted marshmallows lead you down a winding trail of cantaloupe and ripe peaches… to a sunset beach that’s Chill AF!

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Jeff’s Favorite Wines Bundle  $99 plus tax and shipping!!!!!

Includes these 2 bottles of wine:

1 bottle of 2020 Last Call Cab Franc

1 bottle of 2019 Archives Syrah

& 1 Vintage Motel Keychain "KEYS TO THE ZADDY!"

*wine glass & wine opener not included!

2 random boxes will include a virtual or in person tasting for four people!


24 random boxes will include one of the bottles signed by Jeff himself !!!!!

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